Services We Provide

Alanna Consulting Group provides consulting services ranging from full project lifecycle program management to select support for individual project segments. With relationships throughout the IT and Security industry. With our extensive experience, we are able to seamlessly integrate with IT, engineering, operations, and facilities departments, outside IT professionals, architects, vendors and engineering firms to quickly generate results at our chosen tasks.

Specific services offered include:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Needs Analysis
  • Strategic/Master Planning
  • Procurement Support
  • Implementation Support
  • Program Management

Design and Engineering

Alanna Consulting Group has extensive "hands-on" experience with IT and Security Systems implementation, affording us a unique understanding of our clients’ technical and operational requirements and business needs. With that understanding, we can effectively Design and Engineer interactive systems that are easier to install and easier to use.

Alanna Consulting Group also develops construction specifications used during the design of new facilities to provide clear direction and instructions to third party contractors that are responsible for the installation of systems and/or facilities. Our staff has actively worked with architects to provide construction specifications and drawings detailing the design of numerous information technology related systems.

Design Services include:

  • IT Systems Design and Engineering
  • Physical Security Systems Design and Engineering
  • AutoCAD/Drafting Services
  • Coodination of Designs with MEP/Architectural Requirements
  • Construction/Equipment Specifications and Drawing Development
  • Construction Estimates and Opinions of Probable Cost

Needs Analysis

Good planning always starts with asking the question, "what do we need"? In providing a comprehensive Needs Analysis, Alanna Consulting Group’s first major task is to identify those business needs and opportunities where an IT or security systems deployment can benefit the organization.

Needs Analysis Services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Vulnerability/Risk Assessments
  • Systems Deployment Impact Analyses
  • Organizational Efficiency Studies
  • Goal Definition Workshops

Strategic/Master Planning

At Alanna Consulting Group, we understand the need for balancing long-term planning requirements with the demand for immediate results. As such, we pro-actively identify opportunities for technology to support the business goals of the operation. Since technology is a rapidly evolving environment, we promote flexible and scalable infrastructure design, which then allows state-ofthe- art systems to be deployed when time and circumstances permit. We have structured Strategic Planning engagements designed to meet a variety of budgetary and time constraints.

Planning Services include:

  • IT Strategic/Master Planning
  • Security Stragetic/Master Planning
  • Definition for New Construction and Renovation Projects
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning

Procurement Support

Many of our clients are public entities and, as such, are bound by a wide variety of procurement guidelines and procedures. Alanna Consulting Group understands the full range of procurement documentation required from Requests for Proposal/Quote (RFP/RFQ) and design-build scenarios to detailed construction documents, specifications and drawings for low-bid procurements. Our consultants and design engineers will assist you in choosing the type of procurement that best fits your project and in developing quality supporting documents.

Procurement Services include:

  • RFP/RFQ Documentation Development
  • Vendor Proposal Evaluations and Scope Verification
  • Vendor Product/Equipment Submittal Reviews
  • Assistance with Vendor Contract Negotiations

Implementation Support

Effective Implementation Support is a critical component of a successful technology deployment. Close and consistent coordination among the various project trades helps to ensure successful project implementation. If not carefully monitored, once cost effective proposals can quickly be overrun with change orders and delays. Alanna Consulting Group can provide competent and efficient implementation support assistance to help avoid such project declines.

Implementation Support Services include:

  • Review and Response to Requests for Information(RFI)
  • Field Inspections
  • Coordination Meetings
  • Review and Response to Change Order Request
  • Acceptance Testing
  • System Commissioning & Validation

Program Management

IT and Security Program Management includes the overall coordination and management of multiple projects, taking place simultaneously or sequentially. As construction projects typically include an IT or security component (or impact existing system features), a holistic approach is required to ensure clean integration between projects, shared components and economies of scale. Alanna Consulting Group leverages our knowledge of IT and security systems and years of industry experience to ensure that our clients achieve their program goals.

Program Management Services include:

  • Program Analysis and Recommendations
  • Systems Integration Management
  • Contractor Submittal Reviews
  • Inspection and Quality Control Services
  • Coordination Meetings
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